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You will receive this box on Ghana's first week of digital transmission.

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GHANA TO COMPLETE DIGITAL MIGRATION BY 2013Ghana plans to complete its migration from analogue to digital TV by 2013 according to Mr. Edmund Yirenkyi Fianko, Secretary of National Digital Broadcasting Migration Technical Committee (NDBMTC). He was speaking at a day's workshop organised by the National Communication Authority (NCA) in Accra on Friday (7th May) to brief the media on progress made by NDBMTC charged to make policy recommendations to government for a smooth and successful transition from analogue to digital transmission. The 24-member committee inaugurated early this year, was mandated to consult widely all stakeholders and monitor performance of other countries within Africa to be able to present credible and practical policy recommendations to realize objectives of digital broadcasting migration in Ghana.
Mr. Fianko said the committee had already started a pilot project and in addition, projected that by 2012 it would have completed covering all regional capitals and their environs. "The regional agreement for digital services has been reached in the frequency bands 174-230 MHz and 470-862 MHz", he added. 
Ghana Broadcasting Corporation (GBC) launched a pilot DTT Project in Accra in November 2008 with transmissions covering a 15km radius around GBC’s Kanda Premises, which covers Accra and Tema. The pilot is a collaboration of Next Generation Broadcasting (NGB), TV Africa, Net 2 and CNBC Africa. About 300 Set Top Boxes were installed in some Government and private institutions, including pubs, hospitals, salons, private homes and advertising agencies in both Accra and Tema.

Ghana Adopts DVB-T2
The government of Ghana has accepted the recommendations of the Digital Broadcasting Migration Committee to adopt DVB-T2 as the standard for digital terrestrial TV in the country.
The terrestrial stations GTV, TV3, TV Africa, Crystal TV, Metro TV, Viasat1, Net-2 TV, e-TV Ghana, Coastal TV, GhOne, Top TV and all other stations with similar licences will migrate from analogue to digital. The ministry said that it has accepted Advanced Video Coding (AVC)/MPEG-4 (part 10) and High Efficiency Advanced Audio Coding (HE-AAC) as the compression technology standards, with MHEG-5 selected as the Application Programming Interface (API) for additional and interactive services. All vendors and equipment suppliers have been directed to cease importing DTT decoders immediately. The Ministry of Communications is collaborating with other government agencies to ensure that only receivers that conform to the national standard are sold in Ghana.

Zepto will start producing DVB-T2 Digital Set Top Boxes
Zepto Has decided to start the production of the Digital Set Top Boxes in the end of 2012, to be able to meet the demand from the Ghanaian’s that will arise, when the migration starts in 2013 Zepto will offer to install the boxes and educate Ghanaians to go around the country to install boxes and help people to be able to watch TV after the migration. As part of our social responsibility, Zepto will give away Free Boxes to some Government and private institutions, hospitals, schools etc. there will be an application form available on Zepto’s webpage for those who want to apply for a free Box.